Typically Italian Holidays  have been sending customers to Italy for 11 years and it’s still going strong, year after year customers come back content as seeing the real Italy. If you want to wander through the streets of Rome, follow in the footsteps of the book ‘Room with a View’ in Florence or even masquerade in Venice during the Carnevale – look through our Typically Italian holidays brochure.

Typically Italian

Typically Italian Holidays

At Typically Italian holidays they are really pleased to be adding a number of new products for 2018 and the first of these is weddings in Lake Garda. Designed for those looking for a no fuss wedding in a beautiful setting.

Always great to see Gino on TV and  discovering the Amalfi Coast. We have a great range of hotels, villas and apartments for 2018 in the area. So if you are inspired by Gino, perhaps wanting to sample Limoncello or make mozzarella like a local give us a call.

We love this hotel at Typically Italian holidays, in fact it’s one of Daniele’s favourites, the Hotel Raffaello in Rome. These great offers have the added touch of a guided classic walking tour included as well. Flights from EDI, MAN and LGW.

Even when I am away I am reminded of…..

1] Cypress trees and sunflowers.

2) The smell of fresh basil and of pesto sauce.

3) Little fiat cars, particularly those tiny old Fiat 500’s know as the cinquecento. So cute and so typically Italian.

4) Motorini/scooters and in particular that classic Italian motorino the Vespa.

5) Italian music like Andrea Bocelli, particularly lovely is the song called “il mare calmo della sera” which always has me in tears as soon as I hear it.

6) Pasta and of course pizza.

7) Pedallos and gelato (ice cream) at the seaside.

8) A morning filled with the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and pastries.

9) The colours of the Italian flag, as soon as I see the colors together memories of Italy come flooding back.

10) Sunday mass in a Catholic Church, the Presepio at Christmas time and that great Italian Christmas cake the panettone.

11) The photos and recipes in the book Autumn in Piemonte: Food and Travels in Italy’s Northwest , they remind so very much of the many happy years we spent in Piedmont before we moved to the Veneto.