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Should you purchase travel insurance?


    ” 1. Flights are very unpredictable these days and *travel insurance can compensate you certain amounts for a hotel or food when your flight is delayed or cancelled by weather. I’ve been in numerous situations where my flight has been cancelled due to weather and in that case you don’t have to sleep in the airport like a homeless person, uncomfortable on a dirty rug or in a chair with your head bobbing up and down, you can just get a hotel and keep the receipt. It’s a much better option. (You will likely have a stipend amount, you may have to supplement it but it is well worth it for a good nights rest.)


    2. You may not get hurt at home but it’s not unusual for people to get hurt on holiday. On holiday you are doing new things, looking at sites, not paying attention and generally turning your brain off. If it’s a minor injury the ship and most land doctors still charge you a lot and most travel insurances reimburse you for whatever your primary insurance doesn’t pay.


    3. If it’s a serious injury you absolutely want to be airlifted onto a specialist helicopter/plane and get yourself home to a reputable hospital ASAP. Most *travel insurance specifically covers this and I have seen people without it wait for long periods of time for help b/c they don’t want to fly anyone out unless they know they will get paid.


    4. Cancellations/change of plans, some *travel insurance covers illnesses, family death and work related issues. Our lives are busy and it’s great to be able to know you don’t have to lose ALL of your money if you can’t make it.


    *All travel insurance covers different options and it’s important to do your own research by speaking to the agent on the phone and reading the policy at a glance. I’ve used xxxxx but I’m sure there are a lot of great companies out there. Inquire on line or with your travel agent.


    3 Important questions to ask the travel insurance agent:


    1. Does it cover flight cancellations, lost baggage and hotel/food compensation? What are the specifics, time and compensation?
    2. Does it cover medevac situations, what are the specifics in that situation? Do you need to call anyone specific to ensure it will be covered?
    3. Does it cover cancellation due to sickness, work related issues or family illness/death?

    It may NOT cover all of these related things but it’s a great place to start,  Good luck, stay safe & I hope this information benefits you on your travels”